Episode 187 – El Vez

El Vez is a lively happy hour spot, but it also has great food and should be on your hit list if you’re in the Midtown Village area. We also spend part of the episode debating whether or not hot peppers belong on a cheesesteak, and explain why all restaurants should have an online ordering option.


Episode 171 – The Pizza Show

During the quarantine, people have been eating – and making – pizza more than ever before… on this edition of Jawn Appetit, we’ll discuss some of the best pizza you can order online, get shipped nationwide, or make at home!

jawn appetit · Jawn Appetit – Episode 171 – The Pizza Show

Episode 170 – Mother’s Day 2020

As usual, Philadelphia is well represented on this year’s list of James Beard Award finalists. But before the award show comes Mother’s Day, and we’ll give you the skinny on some of the best brunch and dinner options for that special mother and/or grandmother in your life…

jawn appetit · Jawn Appetit – Episode 170 – Mother’s Day 2020

Episode 169 – Travel Bucket List: Nashville

Once we can all travel again, there are a bunch of places that we’d like to check out, and Nashville is high on the list. But before we do that, we run down some of the great restaurants and food distributors in the Philadelphia area that are getting us through the quarantine.

jawn appetit · Jawn Appetit – Episode 169 – Travel Bucket List: Nashville

Episode 168 – LA Taco Tour

It’s not hard to find great Mexican food in Los Angeles, and in the latest edition of our Travel Jawn series, we’ll tell you where to find some of the best beef, shrimp and al pastor tacos in America. And, in the time of the coronavirus, supporting your local restaurants is now more important than ever.

jawn appetit · Jawn Appetit – Episode 168 – LA Taco Tour

Episode 146 – Goldie

Falafel, fries, and shakes are all Michael Solomonov’s Goldie needs in order to be one of the best lunch spots in Center City. But before we discuss that, we give props to two amazing gelato shops, and debate whether Nicki Minaj’s Red Lobster Black Card is a status symbol worth having…